Welcome new bluebottle team members!

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Welcome new bluebottle team members!

Welcome James Norrish (BDM) and Arthur Dafopoulos (Technical Sales) to the bluebottle team.

bluebottle is growing, with James joining us as BDM and Arthur jumping aboard in technical sales. 

James joins us having studied in the disciplines of Sociology and Physics. He was challenged by a prospect that when drawing down to the fundamentals of each we could find prolific points of continuity between the two. A question arose; how does one of the fundamental elements of physics, light, affect the way in which people act socially and psychologically? This lead to his master’s degree in the non-visual effects of light, a topic explored by John Ruskin years earlier but now found concrete in science’s ability to measure the phenomenon.

Since his graduation in 2001, James has worked in the advancement of new lighting technologies and how they can be used to afford both positive and negative outcomes for the built environment. His principal area of work over the past ten years has revolved around how we can focus on the subject in the environment to give them a greater engagement with their surroundings, having profound psycho-physiological effects. Through this study James has been engaged on high level projects around the world to improve occupant experience through the discourse of light and colour. 

James most recently worked with Atrium, the UK’s largest independent architectural lighting distributor, and numerous pinnacle LED manufacturers such as Xicato, Luminus devices and LED Engin which allowed him to expand further; collaborating with core suppliers and specialist technology providers to fully realise design intent and a focus around human aspects of lighting. James received his Doctorate in January 2017 and has now returned to Australia to join another progressive company; bluebottle lighting to continue to strive to engage technologies that have the capacity to enhance the well being of the subject in the built environment.

Arthur joins us after spending the past three years with Enntec Lighting & Controls. He worked with a product portfolio of luminaires, lighting control equipment, lighting control software and addressed the needs of architects, contractors, lighting designers, integrators and distributors within the Australian, NZ and Singaporean markets. 

During his tenure at Enntec he provided new and existing customers with end to end lighting solutions and assisted them in executing projects. Here he found his passion for developing and managing complex accounts, and seeking out creative and innovative prospects within the lighting industry.

Prior to working in the lighting industry, Arthur has a 20-year background in Engineering and Sales; dealing with both small and large scale technological companies, gaining insight into a variety of significant engineering projects and acquiring a unique mix of technical, industrial and commercial experience.