Mischief Made

Mischief Made

We had a little party. We threw it at the M Pavilion.

The Queen Victoria Gardens was in its full late summer pomp, and the M-Pav, in the final week of its fourth iteration had settled magnificently into its surrounds. We ordered a pizza truck and we rolled in a nice PA.

We invited all our friends. Old and new. We’ve made a few of them over the years and we don’t get to see them as much as we’d like, so it was good to sit in the park, drink a beer and watch the sun go down with them. We talked a bit of shop and we talked a bit of crap and we thoroughly enjoyed the company.

We organised some music. James did really. Some old buddies of his, Kid Kenobi and MC Shureshock played first, then Total Eclipse - turntablist of renown - took us into the evening. We danced, quite a bit in the end, we just couldn’t help ourselves.

We lit it up. Of course we did. That’s what we do. Vaya tubes gridded the ceiling. Claypakys provided the colour and movement on the dance floor. VL6000s raked the sky. Asteras worked their battery powered magic on the perimeter. It looked pretty special.

Thanks to everyone who came, sorry to have missed those of you who couldn’t make it. There’ll be another one. 

Check out the happy snaps here.