Arts West Wins!

Arts West Wins!

University of Melbourne Arts West building has won multiple architectural awards.

ARM and Architectus’s University of Melbourne Arts West building has won the 2017 Colorbond Award for Steel Architecture and a 2017 Architecture Award for Educational Architecture from the Australian Institute of Architects Victorian Chapter.


It’s the new arts building on the main campus of the University of Melbourne. It’s an incredible building, based around the idea of object based learning, so it has lecture theatres and seminar rooms, equipped with the latest high end AV equipment. There’s these amazing quiet study areas, all really different environments, where students can relax between classes and catch up on their work. Then there’s the objects on display, mounted on walls, in display cases, in the lecture theatres, in bookshelves, all throughout the 7 storeys. And finally there’s the architecture of the building itself.


bluebottle lit it all.


Its a really great example of all the different lighting styles that bluebottle excels at. We lit rare and priceless artefacts in hermetically sealed showcases under strict curatorial guidelines. We enhanced the unique common spaces with subtle lighting effects and bold lighting fixtures. We lit lecture theatres in ways that both highlighted the speaker and amplified the architectural elements. We lit bookshelves, desks, staff rooms, and corridors, and they’re all centrally controlled and   seamlessly integrated with the building’s extensive audio visual systems.


If you’re down that way go check it out.

To see some photos click here

For more information on the jury's comments regarding the win, visit ARM Architecture.